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Nervous CSGODOUBLE appeared in early 2017. Then he attracted gamers with his personality. One game changed everything and decimated the popularity of roulette. A few weeks later, it was our turn to create a powerful script that would support a large number of players.

HONESTY for our project is the main thing. We choose RANDOM.ORG for automatic number generation, where there is a HASH check: .

Also, for fast and safe work on the site, we use FRAMEWORK – Phalcon. For the smooth operation of the bot, we use an additional search in bash. In case your bot crashes, it will automatically start the process.

We do not use configurations for bots. We have created a special panel where you can add bots and monitor their work: .
To manage with users, we have an Administrative panel. From there you can: manage user rights, change balance, edit site settings, monitor deposit/withdrawal history and view site statistics: .

What will you get?
Install the script on the server in 60-90 minutes. After that, I will send instructions and sign all your subsequent actions. Help with advertising.


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