Casino v1 – Full


Casino whit 8 games



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The package includes, the complete website, domain, logo, vps, and a technical support of 6 months
1 – The page has 8 game systems (Jackpot, Crash, Roulette, Dice, Battle, Tower, Coinflip, Hilo) each with a splendid design.
2 – User counter system, games played, online players, players today, total players, and total withdrawn money
3 – Rank system, administrator, low admid, moderator and youtuber or famous
4 – Bonus system, where you can spin a roulette every day to get coins, which also includes a control group system, where you can place your group.
5 – unique referral system in which the user has a link that by inviting other users to the page and playing they earn a percentage of profit.
6 – Transfer system, in which each user has their unique identification and can transfer the amount they want to any user.
7 – System of promotional codes, where you can choose the limit of uses and the value of each one.
8 – Gift system, where you can choose which participants participate or not, the day that begins and ends, and an automatic check that says if the participant is participating in the requested group.

9 – Bot system, this advanced system, makes your bot can bet on the game mode you want, it will make your page look active!
10 – Deposit system that is made through bitcoin or by card, also included on the page, has a DEMO use where the user receives false money to be able to test the games.
11 – Withdrawal system through, bitcoin, qiwi, payer, card, webmoney
12 – Administration panel divided into tables:
one statistical table -of all the games that you and the users have played, the winnings and losses of each user
-Bots here you will configure your bots to play in the game mode at what time they will bet and how much.
-Configure the bonus panel
-Giveaway panel
-Promotional codes page
-Events panel
-Word filter panel
-Settings Panel, in each game you can configure the commission that brings to the page the maximum bet to the minimum, the time for the game to start, etc.
Prohibition system, which is automatically applied to the user who registers 2 times with the same IP, or if he uses a blocked word from the administration panel in the Word filter section. Then you can manually ban any player from the page or from the chat.
13 – Chat- administrator mode (shows administrator prefix instead of nickname)
Blocked Users (List)
Ban unban
Delete message
Clear chat
Share balance in chat
Group moderator for chat
YouTube mode will set it apart from the rest
Flexible twist in the admin panel will help you create a great commercial!

Updates : Login VK & Login PHP (Register users) 4-5-2020

All mods founds in the script


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